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Seneca Falls National Women's Rights Park48 viewsThe first meeting on women's rights was held right here. It was touched off by 2 women who attended a conference on slavery overseas. All the women there participated so loudly and passionately the first day that the men spent the next day deciding to send them to the back of the room with orders to keep quiet.
Boating the Erie Canal44 viewsNote 2 bicycles come with your boat rental to explore the villages you tie up at. Many Villages provide tieups, pumpouts, electric hookups, restaurants close to the canal, etc. There are folks who live full or part-time on the canals.
Katrina for President!41 views
Many of the attendees42 viewsTo the left you may recognize Frederick Douglas who attended.
Barge rental on the Erie Canal45 viewsOnly $2,000 a week!
Old knitting company on the canal45 views
Erie Canal in Seneca Falls, NY45 viewsOnly 4 feet deep originally, it was later deepened to 7 feet for the newer, bigger barges. It has been moved several times and much of it is abandoned today. You can see the remains of boats that were trapped in backwaters when portions of the canal were shut down. The canals could not compete with the railroad when tracks came through.
Mule and driver on the Erie Canal41 viewsDrivers were often young boys who started here and worked their way up to boat captain or to running their own boat on the canals. Running a boat for goods and passenger transportation was often a family affair.
Erie Canal Museum - Syracuse, NY43 views
Old canal and locks at the museum41 viewsThe Erie Canal Museum was once a weigh station directly on the Erie Canal which ran through here but has since been rerouted away. The glass enclosure was open with a lock on either end of the building. The water was lowered and the boat would come to rest on a scale to weigh it. The weight at the beginning of the season was deducted from current weight and a toll was paid on the result. Tolls were abolished after the canal building cost was recaptured.
Barge potty42 viewsIn the doors below was a pot you would pull out and dump overboard after using. There was a curtain for privacy. I hope people didn't swim in the canals though they do link to lakes.
Passenger accomodations on a canal barge39 viewsSleep tight. The bunks were stored during the day for more room.
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